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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

KCNA Blasts U.S. Fiction of "Counterfeit Notes"

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, December 15 (KCNA) -- The United States is now going very busy with its moves to make its much publicized story about "counterfeit notes" of the DPRK sound plausible. The U.S. conservative hardliners are now pressurizing officials of a number of regional governments including Macao and Hong Kong and bank officials there to control "counterfeit notes" from the DPRK, blustering that the U.S. would not allow north Korea to go on issuing "counterfeit notes" as its state policy and it would take necessary steps to protect itself and the international financial system till north Korea has discontinued its criminal financial activities.
    It was against this background the Los Angeles Times on Dec. 12 reported that the DPRK government is involved in the issue of "counterfeit notes" allegedly on the basis of a testimony made by a "deserter from north Korea".
    We do not feel any need to rebuff this misinformation because this is a continuation of the U.S. smear campaign over the issue of "counterfeit notes" and its replica. If there be something different from its earlier propaganda, this time they cited what it called testimony allegedly made by the deserter in an effort to make it sound plausible.
    Explicitly speaking, there are no "deserters from north Korea" claimed by the U.S. If there be any, they are only illegal border crossers or human scum who fled after committing crimes against the country and the people.
    Not content with mud-slinging at the DPRK, the U.S. is peddling even what unidentified deserters allegedly uttered. This goes to prove that the U.S. oft-repeated fiction of "counterfeit notes" is a sheer lie.
    It is deplorable for the U.S. to be left with no option but to depend on such human scum as "deserters from north Korea" and riffraff to intensify its anti-DPRK smear campaign.
    On Dec. 13, the following day, the south Korean KBS quoted a high-ranking official concerned of the "government" as saying it was confirmed that a "north Korean" whom the Los Angeles Times had cited never served at a mint organ when residing in north Korea. The U.S.-spread misinformation has become again the laughing stock of the public.
    This goes to clearly prove that the Bush administration is made up of master hands at lies and fabrications.
    The DPRK has never issued counterfeit notes nor had ever been engaged in any illegal dealings.
    Such illegal activities are unimaginable in the DPRK in the light of its nature and mission.
    The desperate efforts made by the U.S. to label the DPRK a "rogue state" and a "criminal state" on the basis of information lacking credibility are an intolerable insult to the inviolable and dignified DPRK.
    These moves are nothing but a foolish artifice to get rid of the miserable position into which the U.S. has been driven due to the countless misdeeds perpetrated by it at home and abroad.
    The U.S. is now repudiated and condemned internally and externally for having massacred innocent civilians of a sovereign state by using even ghastly weapons called white phosphorus, depleted uranium bombs and other types of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) after occupying it by force in broad daylight to incite terrorism and operating secret prisons in different parts of the world and committing monstrous crimes, the first of their kinds since the days of the Hitler fascist junta.
    As far as the U.S. policy towards the DPRK is concerned, Washington completely pulled out of the DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework and is overturning the basic principles of the joint statement adopted at the six-party talks one by one. This has touched off strong criticism and derision among the world public. AP, AFP and other Western media commented that with the support rating for Bush dropping because it is rebuffed not only at home and abroad but by Republicans, he has opted for pursuing a hard-line policy towards north Korea as part of his stopgap measures to put the situation under control. It is a trite method of the U.S. to find a way out of its crisis at home and abroad in launching aggression and war against small and weak countries. Hence, the U.S. is escalating its psychological warfare intended to label the DPRK a "rogue state."
    Part of this warfare is the financial sanctions it is applying against the DPRK in a bid to pressurize it to abandon its nuclear program first. The U.S. is, however, sadly mistaken.
    The DPRK is not such a country that would yield to the U.S. hard-line policy.
    No matter how often American political imbeciles may orchestrate farces of every form at their back parlor, it will only reveal the moral vulgarity of the Bush group and further deteriorate the stand-off over the nuclear issue.
    The only way for the Bush group to get rid of its present deplorable position is to lift its financial sanctions against the DPRK and sincerely work to find a solution to the problem at the six-party talks.

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