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Kangso Mineral Water Factory Reconstructed


    Pyongyang, September 25 (KCNA) -- The Kangso Mineral Water Factory, reconstructed on a modern basis, has restarted operation and supplied its products to people of Pyongyang. The reconstructed factory covers more than 27,000 square meters and its floor space is some 7,000 square meters.
    The factory is located in a place where hundreds of tons of mineral water gush out from the ground more than a hundred meters deep every day.
    President Kim Il Sung visited the spa in Kangso District, Nampho City, after the liberation of the country and tasted the spring water. He saw to it that a sanatorium and a mineral water factory were built there for working people.
    Under the deep care of leader Kim Jong Il, who is always concerned for health drink for the people, the factory has turned into a modern one capable of producing hundreds of thousands of bottles of mineral water every day.
    A liter of mineral water contains 2 grams of free carbon, 1-1.2 milligrams of mineral matters, 700-800 milligrams of hydrocarbon, 25 milligrams of iron, etc.
    The efficacious and aseptic mineral water is well known in the world.
    It is highly efficacious for chronic gastritis and hepatitis, skin diseases, anemia, diseases of the urinary organs, etc.
    The refreshing and exhilarating water is also good for soft drink.
    The spring water is wanted by an increasing number of people.

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