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Consistent in combat training, to build a comprehensive operational support

A combat support ship detachment of the Northern Theater Navy conducts actual combat training

Navy News

Author: Han Jie Si
Editor: Zhang Jun Silver


Navy News (Gao Zhanjie Han Yuchao) Recently, a detachment of the Northern War Zone Navy conducted actual combat training in a certain sea area. They followed the "theory of training, the basis of the command, the determination of the command drill, the ability of the actual inspection and exhibition, and the review and evaluation." On the basis of the overall thinking of the exercise, the basic steps of the exercise are to evaluate the situation of “learning, teaching, seeking, guiding and evaluating” one by one from the aspects of receiving orders, carrying out planning, determining plans, implementing military arguments, and analyzing effectiveness. Full process, comprehensive collection of drill data, record drills.

During the period, the formation of the ship demonstrated more than 10 training contents on seven issues such as ship damage, anti-terrorism and anti-piracy, and air-to-air shooting. Throughout the whole process, wartime political work and post-installation support drills were carried out, and the training tasks were fully combined. In the actual combat environment, the guiding plot was released, and the "back-to-back" guidance ratio was increased. Through flexible tactical application, fine data calculation, and precise force control, the commander strategy level of commanders at all levels was maximized, and the combat was tested. The feasibility of the program and the results of the tactics will improve the actual combat capability of the troops.

They also prospectively explored the "secondary supply" training. For the first time, the supply ship provided marine replenishment for the Hulun Lake ship. It not only innovated the safeguard method for prolonging the continuous combat time of the maritime combat formation, but also helped to remove the reserve for the supply ship. The new way of replenishment is to contribute to the transformation and development of naval forces.

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