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Russian Space Forces (VKS) Chronology

1955. The first military parts of the space application in connection with the preparation for the launching of the first artificial earth satellite (on 2 June, 1955, it is created SHITYU NIIP ? 5 - now state test spaceport "Baikonur", annual holiday - on 2 June) are formed.

1957. Is formed the center of control-measuring complexes (on 8 May of 1957 years the beginning of shaping - now GITSIU KS of the name Of g.S.Titova, annual holiday - on 4 October) for guaranteeing the tests of those started and control of the first experimental automatic spacecraft and the flights of cosmonauts. On 15 July is created the first connection OF MBR the "object" of Angar ", (now state test spaceport" Of plesetsk ", the annual holiday of spaceport). On 4 October, 1957, is realized the launching of the first in the world artificial earth satellite (PS -1).

1959. At the end of the 1950s there began to be created troops of rocket-space defense. Initially they were individual military parts in the troops PVO - AIR DEFENSE of the countries, which accomplished the tasks of tests and finalizing of the perspective means of warning about the rocket attack (PRN), antimissile defense (ABOUT), space defense (PKO) and the control of the outer space (KKP).

1960. For creating the favorable conditions on the implementation of long-term voen-but- space program was formed the first administrative organ (within the framework RVSN) - the third administration GURVO. As the first chief for administration it is appointed Kerimov k. A.

1961. On 4 March, 1961, antimissile V -1000 with the HE fragmentation warhead, developed in the experimental design bureau under the management of the academician OF P.D. Of grushina, for the first time in the world destroyed in flight the head part of domestic BR R -12, neglected from the range Of kapustin steep bank. On 12 April, 1961, is realized the first manned space flight (Yu.A.Gagarin).

1964. On 6 November, 1964, for the centralization of works on the creation of new means, and also operational resolution of questions of the application of space means was created central control of the space means (TSUKOS) of Defense Ministry (it is stationed in g.Moskve). His chief became Major General K.A.Kerimov.

1965. Central control of the space means (TSUKOS) of Defense Ministry headed Major General a. g. karas'.

1966. On 17 March with NIIP MO (state test spaceport "plesetsk") is realized the first starting of space rocket RN "Vostok-2" with KA "Kosmos-112".

1967. In accordance with the directives GSH vs of the USSR of 31 January and on 30 March is formed the command of the commander of the troops of antimissile (ABOUT) and space defense (PKO) in the troops PVO - AIR DEFENSE. As the commander-in-chief of forces ABOUT PKO is appointed colonel general yu.V.Votintsev.

1968. In 1968 began the flight design tests of complex PKO "IS" and on 1 November, 1968, is for the first time in the world successfully executed task in interception and destruction of the space of apparatus- target I -2M by the double-coil method of interception.

1970. For the development of space means in the interests of all it is specific the armed forces OF THE USSR, national economy and scientific studies on 19 March TSUKOS it was reorganized in main control of the space means (GUKOS) of Defense Ministry.

1971. Warning system about the rocket attack is accepted to the armament and from 15 February is delivered to standby alert.

1975. Is accepted to the armament and from 15 February is set to standby alert the center of the control of the outer space (TSKKP), which generates information processing about the space objects, find on the heights to 40 thousand kilometers.

1978. The antimissile system Moscow is accepted to the armament and from 15 May is delivered to standby alert.

1979. GUKOS headed Major General A.A.Maksimov. Since 1986 the chief of space means. From 1 July the complex of space defense is set to standby alert.

1982. GUKOS and subordinate to it parts were brought out from the composition RVSN and subordinated directly to the Minister of Defense OF THE USSR, since the volume of the decided tasks grew considerably. The branch of 4 NII - SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE MO RF is preobrazovan in 50 TSNII - CENTRAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE KS and is subordinated directly to the chief OF GUKOS. From 1 October control of troops ABOUT PKO is re-formed into the troop command of rocket-space defense (RKO). From 30 December is delivered to standby alert the space warning system about the rocket attack (PRN), which makes it possible to reveal the starts of ballistic missiles from the continental part OF THE USA.

1986. On 24 April GUKOS it was reorganized in the administration of the chief of the space means of MO SSSR - Ministry of Defense of the USSR (UNKS)

1992. Regular stage became the creation on 10 August of the Military- space forces of Defense Ministry RF, into composition of which entered the spaceports Baikonur, Plesetsk, free, and so GITSIU KS. As first commander OF VKS is appointed colonel general v. l. Ivanov (administration of the commander OF VKS it was stationed in g.Moskve). Forces and means of rocket-space defense are isolated in a separate branch of service in the troops PVO - AIR DEFENSE.

1996. On 1 March is created state test spaceport "free". Annual holiday of spaceport.

1997. 4 March - first missile takeoff of the space application (RN "start -1.2" with KA Of "zeya") from the spaceport "free". From 1 October VKS the troops RKO became part RVSN for increasing the effectiveness of military- space activity. However, the purposes of integration not were achieved. Furthermore, arose number of serious problems because of the attempt to purely mechanically combine in one military service the impact group of ground-based strategic nuclear forces and the military- space formations, which ensure with space information top executive management of the country and by armed forces.

1998. On 1 October formed approached the accomplishment of mission in the destination the association of rocket-space defense.

2001. In connection with the negative results of integration and the growth of the role of space means in the system of the military and national security of Russia the highest political management of the country accepted the solution about the creation by the base of the being isolated from RVSN associations, connections and parts of the starting and control KA, and also troops RKO of the new branch of services - space troops (command by space troops it is stationed in g.Moskve). By President's Decree RF of 28 March, 2001, colonel general Anatoliy Nikolayevich Perminov is appointed as the commander-in-chief of space forces. On 1 June are formed and approached the accomplishment of mission in the destination space troops of armed forces RF.

2002. On 26 March Minister of Defense RF entrusted personal standard commander-in-chief of space forces On 3 October by President's Decree RF ? 1115 is introduced the day of space troops, noted yearly on 4 October.

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