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HQ-29 Anti-Ballistic Missile Interceptor

The HQ-9B, HQ-19 [THAAD counterpart], HQ-26 [SM-3 counterpart] and HQ-29 [PAC-3 counterpart] are designed primarily for Anti Ballistic Missile capabilities. While the HQ-9A air defense variant of the HQ-9 series is very well attested, the remaining theater missile defense interceptors are poorly attested, and verge on being little more than rumors.

HQ-29 is believed to be an equivalent to the American PAC-3 MSE / ERINT in terms of technology used (one hundred solid mini-thrusters pulse around the head of the missile, very different from 9M96 C-400 where the Russian thrusters side are to the center of gravity of the missile as Aster). The development project would be launched in 2003, the technology of thruster and control combined active flight was controlled between 2005 and 2007. His first shot of V & V was held in 2011 with success, his chief engineer, Yun Lee, a woman CASIC group was distinguished. The official newspaper of the Chinese Aerospace published an article on it after the first test. The system will be delivered to the army before the end of the 12th Five Year Plan.

To the kinetic interceptor with lateral impulse thrust and aerodynamic force, it is required to solve the problem of combined fire ofmotors for attitude control. First amodel of combined fire of motors for attitude control is developed, and then on the basis of this model a firing rule of attitude control motor is designed and an analysis on the energy consumption efficiency is made under the condition of different position d istribution of attitude controlmotors, finally the simulation result proves the feasibility of this firing rule and have some reference in future.

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