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30th Weather Squadron [30th WS]

The 30th Weather Squadron was constituted on 29 August 1945, at Harmon Field, Guam. It was subsequently assigned to the 2nd Weather Group through the 43rd Weather Wing on 20 September 1945.

The 30th WS was reassigned in-place to the 1st Weather Group on 1 August 1946, where it remained until 1 June 1948, when the 1st Weather Group was renamed the 2100th Air Weather.

On 25 October 1949, the 30th WS was reassigned to the 2143rd Air Weather Wing, and moved to North Guam AFB, Guam. It remained at North Guam AFB until its first inactivation on 9 November 1949.

Just over a year later, our squadron was brought back to life. On 16 November 1950, the 30th WS was reactivated at Seoul, Korea, and reassigned to the 2143rd Air Weather Wing. It was moved to Taegu, Korea on 22 December 1950, and back to Seoul on 3 July 1951, where it remained until moving to Osan AB, Korea on 25 January 1954. Two weeks later, on 8 February 1954, the 30th WS was assigned to the 1st Weather Wing.

As the Air Force reorganized the structure of its weather forces, the 30th WS was reassigned to the 10th Weather Group through the 1st Weather Wing on 18 February 1957. It then underwent yet another period of frequent movement, being reassigned to Moriyama AS, Nagoya, Japan on 9 May 1957. Just two months later, it was moved to Komaki AB, Honshu, Japan on 27 July 1957. Less than a year after that, on 10 March 1958, the 30th WS was moved to Yamato AS, Japan, where it remained until its second deactivation on 8 August 1959.

The Vietnam conflict called for the 30th WS to rise from the ashes yet a third time. On 5 October 1962, the 30th WS was reactivated at Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam. Shortly thereafter, it was organized under the 1st Weather Wing on 8 November 1962, and assigned in place to the 1st Weather Group on 8 July 1966. The 30th WS remained at Tan Son Nhut AB until its third deactivation on 1 July 1971.

1 September 1976 saw the fourth reincarnation of the 30th WS. On this date, the 30th WS was reactivated at Yongsan AIN, Korea and assinged to the 1st Weather Wing, where it remained until the fourth inactivation on 1 June 1992.

This dormant period would be extremely short lived, however. On 1 July 1992, after only 30 days of deactivation, the 30th WS was resurrected a fifth and final time, right here at Vandenberg AFB, CA, assigned to the 30th Operations Group, Air Force Space Command.

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