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Wadih El Hage

Osama bin Laden's personal secretary


Wadih El Hage

Location of DetentionSpringfield, Missouri, United States1
Capturing AuthorityU.S. federal authorities
Date of CaptureSept. 16, 1998
Location of CaptureNew York, United States5
SupervisorOsama bin Laden
AffiliationTaba Investments
Full Given NameWadih El Hage
Alias(es)Abu Abdullah al-Lubani3, Abd al Subbur3,4, Norman3,4, Wa'da Norman3,4, Wadia3, Abdus Sabbur2,3,4, The Manager3, Tanzanite3, Abu Abdullah Lubnani
Alternate TransliterationWadi el Hage
Date of BirthJuly 25, 19604
Place of BirthSidon, Lebanon4
Weight150 lbs4
DescriptionEyes: Brown. Hair: Brown. Wears beard and mustache.4
Injuries/IllnessHe has a deformity of his right arm.6
HistoryVeteran of Afghanistan-Soviet civil war (1980-1989)6
Charged withFalse statements2
Charging authorityUnited States
In connection withEast African Embassy Bombings
Charges issuedSept. 21, 1998
Case statusConvicted
SentenceLife imprisonment1
Case resolvedMay 21, 2001
Narrative and Notes
  • Born to Lebanese Christian parents. Moved to Kuwait at a young age.
  • Attended University of Southwest Louisiana in Lafayette, La., in August 1978. Went to Afghanistan in 1983. Ultimately received degree in urban planning.
  • Married April Brightsky Ray. Father of seven, all U.S. citizens.
  • Lived in Tucson; Arlington, Texas; Pakistan. Moved to Sudan to work for Osama bin Laden for salary of $1,200/month.
  • Moved to Nairobi in 1994. Traveled to Slovakia, Pakistan.
  • Returned to United States in 1997.
  • In court, his attorney contended he was not involved in the bombings.
  • Made $800/month working for al-Qaeda in Sudan in early 1990s.
  • Traveled to Azerbaijan at some point in early 1990s.6,7
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    Photo: FBI
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