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Homeland Security

US financial buildings on orange alert

Public Alert

Event Details
Primary OrganizationAl-Qaeda
Warning AgencyDepartment of Homeland Security
Possible Target(s)Financial buildings in Washington, Newark and New York City
Area alertedWashington, DC, United States
Area alertedNew York, New York, United States
Alert issued1400 local, Aug. 1, 20041
Alert rescinded Nov. 10, 20041
Connected to AlertKhalid Shaikh Mohammed, Dhiren Barot, Nadeem Tarmohamed, Qaisar Shaffi
Narrative and Notes
ReliableSeveral detainees, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, said an operative had cased financial buildings along the American East Coast. The casing had taken place between August 2000 and April 2001.

The operative, Dhiren Barot, and his accomplices, Nadeen Tarmohamed and Qaisar Shaffi, conducted the surveillance. Barot made at least two trips to the United States.

During the alert, financial outlets in Washington, New York and Newark saw significantly increased security.

The realization led to an alert on Aug. 1, 2004, which was later criticized because the casing had taken place some time ago.

Barot was detained in the United Kingdom in 2004.1,2,3
1Department of Homeland Security online chronology of terrorism alerts.
2Eggen, Dan, and John Mintz. 'Washington and NY Put on Alert.' The Washington Post: Aug. 2, 2004.
3United States vs. Dhiren Barot, indictment.
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