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United Airlines Flight 93 Hijackers

Part of 9-11 plotters
Center of GravityNewark, New Jersey, United States
LeaderZiad Jarrah
Core membership4
Alias(es)UA 93
Key membersSaeed al-Ghamdi, Ahmed al-Haznawi, Ahmed al-Nami
Narrative and Notes
ReliableThe four hijackers took over United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 flying from Newark International Airport, New Jersey, bound for San Francisco, California. They reportedly planned to fly it toward some target in the Washington, D.C. area, either Congress, the White House or perhaps CIA headquarters in nearby McLean, Virginia.

However, the flight had left late, and when the hijackers took over, passengers began calling authorities and loved ones with the plane's cellular phones. They learned of the other suicide hijackings and tried to retake the plane.

Jarrah and the other hijackers, fearing losing control, are believed to have crashed the plane into the ground in rural Pennsylvania.

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