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UK charges 11 in air bombing plot

Part of UK Foils Transatlantic Bombings

Event Details
Primary OrganizationUK-US airline bomb plotters
Other OrganizationAl-Qaeda
LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Time Aug. 21, 2006
Charging authorityCrown Prosecution Service
Presiding authorityUK Central Criminal Court
Connected to ActionAbdula Ahmed Ali (Charged) 1, Tanvir Hussain (Charged) 1, Umar Islam (Charged) 1, Waheed Arafat Khan (Charged) 1, Assad Sarwar (Charged) 1, Osman Adam Khatib (Charged) 1, Ibrahim Savant (Charged) 1, Waheed Zaman (Charged) 1, Cossor Ali (Charged) 1, Mehran Hussain (Charged) 1
Connected to ActionAbdul Muneem Patel (Charged)
Narrative and Notes
ReliableAbdula Ahmed Ali, Tanvir Hussain, Umar Islam, Waheed Arafat Khan, Assad Sarwar, Osman Adam Khatib, Ibrahim Savant and Waheed Zaman were charged with conspiracy to murder and preparing for terrorist acts.

Cossor Ali and Mehran Hussain, both related to other suspects arrested in the alleged plot, were charged with knowing about the plot but failing to inform authorities.

A "17-year-old male" was charged with possession terrorist-related materials.

Another suspect, Umair Hussein, was charged Aug. 23, with failure to disclose knowledge of the terror plot.1,2
PossibleThe 17-year-old male is presumably Abdul Muneem Patel, who was previously identified by name and age by the Bank of England.
1Crown Prosecution Service press release, Aug. 21, 2006.
2'British Charge 12th Suspect in Airline Terror Plot.' The Associated Press, Aug. 25, 2006.
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