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UA 93 hijacked

Disrupted Attack
Part of 9-11

Event Details
Primary OrganizationUnited Airlines Flight 93 Hijackers
LocationUA 93 hijack location, Lodi, Ohio, United States
Time0928 local, Sept. 11, 2001
ParticipantsZiad Jarrah, Saeed al-Ghamdi, Ahmed al-Nami, Ahmed al-Haznawi
Narrative and Notes
ReliableThe hijackers attacked, and plane immediately lost 700 of its 35,000 feet in altitude. Two radio transmissions from the plane indicated a fight was underway. The struggle was over within four minutes.

Passengers said at least one passenger had been stabbed and two people were lying on the cabin floor, severely injured or dead. There was on report that a flight attendant had been killed.

9:32: A hijacker, probably Jarrah, transmitted, "Ladies and Gentlemen, here the captain, please sit down keep remaining sitting. We have a bomb on board. So, sit." Jarrah also turned the plane around, back toward Washington, D.C.

In the next few minutes, 10 passengers and two members of the flight crew began making calls to family members and others on airphones and mobile phones. They learned of the other hijackings and the terrorists' apparent intent to crash the plane into something.

9:39: A message from Jarrah, apparently intended for the passengers, is transmitted to ground controllers. Jarrah claims again -- in an apparent lie -- that there is a bomb on board.

9:57: Passengers assaulted the terrorists and tried to gain access to the cockpit.

9:58: Jarrah rolled and pitched the airplane to throw the passengers off balance. Jarrah and another hijacker discuss whether to "finish it off."

10:01: Jarrah shouted "Allah is the greatest! Allah is the greatest!" and prepared to crash the plane.1
19-11 Commission Report, July 22, 2004, Chapter 1.1.
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