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Taufik Rifki

Jemaah Islamiya Financier


Location of DetentionPhilippines1
Date of CaptureOctober 20031
Location of CaptureCotobato, Philippines1
AffiliationJemaah Islamiya
Alias(es)Ami Iraq1, Ami Irza1, Amy Erja1, Ammy Izza1, Ami Kusoman1, Abu Obaida1, Abu Obeida1, Abu Ubaidah1, Abu Obayda1, Eric Yacub1
Alternate Spelling(s)Taufek Refke, Taufiq Rifqi, Tawfiq Rifqi
Date of BirthAug. 29, 19741
Alternate Date of BirthAug. 19, 19801
Place of BirthDacusuman Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia1
Narrative and Notes
  • JI's chief financial and logistics officer in the Philippines. He served as liasion to other militant groups in the country.
  • He trained in a camp in the Philippines in 1998.
  • The U.S. government ordered his assets frozen on April 13, 2006.1
  • He was detained in a safehouse that held biological and chemical warfare manuals.
  • He is suspected in involvement of a series of bombings in Mindanao in the Philippines in 2003.1
    1 U.S. Treasury Department press release JS-4179, April 13, 2006.
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