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Homeland Security

Target DC-area trains

Threat Information
Part of Al-Qaeda targets Brooklyn Bridge and trains

Event Details
Primary OrganizationAl-Qaeda
Possible Method(s)Derailment
Start Early 20021
LocationWashington, DC, United States1
ConnectedIyman Faris1, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
Narrative and Notes
ReliableIn a meeting in Karachi in early 2002, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed told Iyman Faris to research and purchase equipment to derail trains. He also told him al-Qaeda was planning simultaneous attacks in New York and Washington.1
PossibleThe New York attack was to be on the Brooklyn Bridge; presumably the trains part of the plot was to be in Washington, D.C.
1United States vs. Iyman Faris, indictment.
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