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Tanvir Hussain

Suspected UK-US airline bomb plotters Member


Location of DetentionUnited Kingdom
Capturing AuthorityUnited Kingdom
Date of CaptureAug. 10, 2006
Location of CaptureUnited Kingdom
AffiliationUK-US airline bomb plotters
Date of BirthFeb. 21, 19811
Charged withConspiracy to murder, preparing acts of terrorism5
Charging authorityUnited Kingdom
In connection withUK Foils Transatlantic Bombings
Charges issuedAug. 21, 2006
Case statusPending
Narrative and Notes
  • The charges against him suggest his role in the alleged plot began sometime after Jan. 1, 2006.
  • Bank of England froze assets Aug. 11, 2006.
  • Address in Leyton, London, UK, E10.
  • UK National Insurance No JN8463195.1,2,4,5
  • Worked for a mobile phone company.
  • Possible brother to Umair and Nabeel Hussain.3
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