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Suicide bomber targets Cheney in Bagram

Suicide Attack

Event Details
Primary OrganizationTaliban
Other OrganizationAl-Qaeda
Means of AttackCar bomb
TargetU.S. Vice President Dick Cheney
LocationBagram Air Base, Bagram, Afghanistan
Time Feb. 27, 2007
Victim Deaths23
Attacker Deaths1
ParticipantsMullah Abdul Rahim (Suicide Bomber) 1, Qari Yousef Ahmadi1, Abu Layth al-Libi (Operational Commander) 3
Narrative and Notes
ReliableA suicide car bomber blew himself up outside a gate of Bagram air base in Afghanistan while Cheney was inside the base. He was about a mile away from the bombing, according to press reports. Most of the dead where Afghan laborers on the base.2
PossibleA man claiming to be a Taliban spokesman identified the suicide bomber and claimed Cheney was the target.1,2
1Wafa, Abdul Waheed. 'Cheney Unhurt After Bombing in Afghanistan.' The New York Times: Feb. 27, 2007.
2Witte, Griff. 'Bombing Near Cheney Displays Boldness of Resurgent Taliban.' The New York Times: Feb. 28, 2007.
3"Al-Qaeda's New Leadership." Washington Post, 2007.
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