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Saif al Islam el Masry

Al-Qaeda Terrorist Operations Planner


Capturing AuthorityGeorgian forces4
Date of CaptureSummer 20024
Location of CapturePankisi Gorge, Georgia4
RoleTerrorist Operations Planner1
SupervisorAbu Ubaidah al-Banshiri1
AffiliationAl-Qaeda Military Committee1,3
AffiliationBenevolence International Foundation2
Alias(es)Abu Islam el Masry3, Sheikh Islam3, Abu Islam al Khabir3, The older Islam3
Alternate Spelling(s)Saif al-Islam al-Masri, Saif ul Islam
Narrative and Notes
  • Lawyer.
  • Emir of Jihad Wal training camp, near Khost, Afghanistan, in 1992.
  • In Chechnya in 1998.
  • He was reportedly captured in the Pankisi Gorge area of Georgia in mid-2002.2,3
  • Said to have received explosives training from Hezbollah operatives in southern Lebanon in early 1990s.1
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