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Ramadan Shallah

Palestine Islamic Jihad Secretary-General

Ramadan ShallahRamadan ShallahRamadan Shallah

ImportanceVery High
LocationDamascus, Syria1
AffiliationPalestine Islamic Jihad
Full Given NameRamadan Abdullah Mohammed Shallah
Alias(es)Rasad1, Mohamed El-Fatih1, Mahmoud1, Radwan1, Al-Shaer1, Abu Abdullah1, Ramadan Abdullah1
Date of BirthJan. 1, 19581
Place of BirthSajaya, Gaza Strip, Palestine
Weight225 lbs1
DescriptionBuild: Medium; Hair: Black; Eyes: Brown; Complexion: Light. He frequently wears eyeglasses, moustache and a beard.1
Charged withRacketeering; Conspiracy to Murder Persons in Foreign Country; others (53 counts total)1
Charging authorityUnited States
Narrative and Notes
  • Shallah was one of the founders of PIJ.
  • He speaks Arabic and English.
  • He has a PhD in banking and economics from a university in England. He has worked as a university professor in several countries.
  • He has ties in the United Kingdom and the Tampa, Florida, area of the United States.
    1 FBI Most-Wanted Terrorist sheet, viewed Nov. 6, 2006.
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