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Raad Hammid Shihab

Iraqi insurgency Financier

AffiliationIraqi insurgency1
AffiliationIraqi Baath Party1
AffiliationIraqi Jaysh Mohammed1
Alternate Spelling(s)Ra'ad Hammid Shihab
Narrative and Notes
  • Former Senior Baath Party member, who facilitates the transfer of funds to insurgent leaders in the Salahadeen and Al Anbar areas. Ra'ad has also been mentioned as a leader of Jaysh Mohammed.
  • A Central Criminal Court of Iraq arrest warrant for Ra'ad Shihab is pending. There is a reward for up to $50,000 for information leading to his capture.
  • Brother of Sa'ad Hammid Shihab.1
    1 U.S. Central Command press release. 'Iraqi Government releases ?41 Most Wanted? list.' July 3, 2006.
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