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NSA learns of Kuala Lumpur meeting

Intercepted Communication
Part of 9-11

Event Details
Primary Organization9-11 plotters
Other OrganizationAl-Qaeda
Transmitted Late 1999
Narrative and Notes
ReliableThe NSA learned of the impending Kuala Lumpur meeting and the first names of three eventual 9-11 hijackers, "Nawaf," "Salem," and "Khalid" -- Nawaf al-Hazmi, Salem al-Hazmi (who did not attend the Kuala Lumpur meeting), and Khalid al-Mihdhar.

The CIA soon identified Khalid as Khalid al-Mihdhar.

This is likely the best track the U.S. intelligence community had on some of the 9-11 plotters.1
1The 9-11 Commission Final Report, July 22, 2004, Chapter 6.1.
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