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Mullah Dadullah

Taliban Guerilla Commander


Means of DeathHostile fire from US/NATO ISAF forces1
Date of DeathMay 12, 20071
Location of DeathHelmand Province, Afghanistan2
RoleGuerilla Commander1
SupervisorMullah Omar
NationalityPashtun Afghan
Alias(es)Mullah Dadullah Lang1
Place of BirthUruzgan Province, Afghanistan2
Injuries/IllnessHe lost his left leg fighting the Soviets during the 1980s.2
HistoryVeteran of Afghanistan-Soviet civil war (1980-1989)
Narrative and Notes
  • Senior Taliban commander noted for his brutality. He orchestrated suicide bombings, beheadings and the 1999 massacre of ethnic Hazaras in Afghanistan.
  • Although the Taliban initially denied he was killed, his body was put on display for reporters. He had three gunshot wounds.1,2
    1 NATO ISAF press release, May 13, 2007.
    2 "Top Taliban Commander Is Killed in Clash." The Associated Press: May 13, 2007.
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