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Mehran Hussain

Suspected UK-US airline bomb plotters Family Member

ImportanceVery Low
AffiliationUK-US airline bomb plotters
RoleFamily Member
Date of Birth1982
Charged withFailure to disclose knowledge of preparation of terrorism3
Charging authorityUnited Kingdom
In connection withUK Foils Transatlantic Bombings
Charges issuedAug. 21, 2006
Case statusAcquitted3
Case resolvedNov. 1, 2006
Narrative and Notes
  • The UK government acknowledged holding Mehran when it charged him on Aug. 21, 2006. He was charged with knowing about Nabeel Hussain's activities and not reporting it in a reasonable time to authorities.
  • The charges suggested he had knowledge of the plotting starting on Sept. 23, 2005.
  • A British judge dismissed the charges on Nov. 1, 2006, citing insufficient evidence.2,3
  • Mehran Hussain's name was absent from most of the inital reporting regarding the Aug. 10, 2006, arrests, which said three brothers -- Umair, Nabeel and Tanvir Hussain -- were detained.
  • However, an MSNBC pieced identified Mehran, not Tanvir, as the third brother, and said he was detained.1
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