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Lashkar e-Tayyiba

Center of GravityKashmir
Area of OperationIndia, Pakistan
GoalEject India from Kashmir
StatusSupported by al-Qaeda1
StatusDesignated Terrorist Organization1
Core membership1,000s1
Alias(es)LT1, Al Mansooreen1, Army of the Pure and Righteous1, Jamaat ud-Dawa and Al Monsooreen1, Lashkar e-Toiba1, Lashkar-i-Taiba1, Paasban-e-Ahle-Hadis1, Paasban-e-Kashmir1, Paasban-i-Ahle-Hadith1, Pasban-e-Kashmir1
Narrative and Notes (Reliable)Began as militant wing of Markaz Dawa ul-Irshad / Jamaat ul-Dawa but is now unconnected to any political party.
Allied with Jaish-e-Mohammed under banner of "Save Kashmir Movement."
Primarily operates in Kashmir. Almost all members are Pakistani.
Operates heavy infantry weaponry.
Funded by donations from Pakistani communities in United Kingdom and Persian Gulf and Islamic NGOs.
Banned by Pakistan in 2002.
Al-Qaeda leader Abu Zubaydah was captured at an LT safehouse in 2002.1

Sources and Notes

1U.S. State Department. 'Country Reports on Terrorism.' 2005.

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