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Khalfan Khamis Mohamed

Al-Qaeda Terrorist Operations Facilitator


Khalfan Khamis MohamedKhalfan Khamis Mohamed

Location of DetentionFlorence, Colorado, United States2
Capturing AuthoritySouth African police3
Date of CaptureOct. 5, 19993
Location of CaptureCape Town, South Africa3
RoleTerrorist Operations Facilitator
SupervisorMustafa Mohammed Fadhil4
AffiliationDar Es Salaam embassy bombing cell
AffiliationEast Africa Embassy Bombers
Alias(es)Elfani Hamis Ahmed1, Zahran Nassor Maulid4
Alternate TransliterationK. K. Mohamed
Date of Birth19735
Alternate Date of BirthMarch 5, 19741
Place of BirthPemba, Tanzania5,6
Weight180 lbs1
DescriptionHair: Dark, curly. Eyes: Dark. Sometimes wears a beard.1
HistoryAttended training camp in postwar Afghanistan (1990-2001)4
Charged withMurder, conspiracy1
Charging authorityUnited States
In connection withEast African Embassy Bombings
Charges issuedDec. 16, 1998
Case statusConvicted
ConvictionsAll charges
SentenceLife imprisonment1,2
Case resolvedMay 29, 2001
Narrative and Notes (Reliable)
  • Has a twin sister. Moved with family to Dar es Salaam around 1990. Trained in explosives in Afghanistan in 1994. Returned home to Dar Es Salaam in 1995. Traveled to Mombasa, Kenya and twice to Somalia in 1997. Traveled to Mombasa again in 1998.
  • Joined embassy bombings plot in March or April 1998.
  • Rented house in Dar Es Salaam used as base of operations for embassy bombings. Helped grind the TNT and prepare the bomb used in Tanzania bombing. Purchsed a white Suzuki Samurai used by conspirators. Drove the truck partway to Dar Es Salaam embassy.
  • He fled to South Africa and worked as a cook at a fast-food restaurant, Burger World, under an assumed name, until South African police detained him. He was turned over to the United States.
  • Tried to reach al-Qaeda in June 1999 but didn't not hear back.
  • After he was captured, he assisted Mamdouh Salim in a jail uprising in New York in 2000.
  • During trial, his attorney portrayed him as a simple gofer and a pawn.
  • After his conviction, a South African court ruled his extradition to the United States was illegal on the grounds he faced the death penalty.1,3,4,5
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