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Jemaah Islamiya

Center of GravityIndonesia
Area of OperationPhilippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar2
GoalEstablish caliphate in Muslim parts of southeast Asia
LeaderAbu Bakar Bashir
StatusSupported by al-Qaeda
StatusDesignated Terrorist Organization
Core membership1000s2
Alias(es)JI1, Jemaah Islamiyah, Islamic Party, Jemaa Islamiyya, Jema'ah Islamiyyah
Former leaderAbdullah Sungkar
Key membersHambali, Noordin Top, Azahari bin Husin
Narrative and Notes
ReliableViolent, multiethnic group operating in southeast Asia with strong al-Qaeda ties. Facing significant losses of members in counterterrorism crackdowns.

The group allied with al-Qaeda in 1998, through connections between Hambali and Mohammed Atef and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. JI members received training in Afghan camps, and served as facilitators and scouts for al-Qaeda plots in southeast Asia.

Direct al-Qaeda funding of JI began no later than 1999.2,3,4
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