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Center of GravityKashmir
Area of OperationIndia, Pakistan, Afghanistan
LeaderMasood Azhar
StatusSupported by al-Qaeda
StatusDesignated Terrorist Organization
Core membership100s
Alias(es)JEM1, Army of Mohammed1, Jaish-i-Mohammed1, Khudamul Islam1, Khuddam-ul-Islam1, Kuddam e Islami1, Mohammed's Army1, Tehrik ul-Furqaan1
FormedEarly 2000
Narrative and Notes (Reliable)Radical Pakistani group that conducts operations against Indian interests in Kashmir as well as against the secular Pakistani government.
Formed by Masood Azhar upon his release from prison in India in 2000 in exchange for release of 155 hostages on a hijacked Indian Airlines aircraft.
Outlawed in Pakistan in 2002.
Group splintered in 2003, into Khuddam ul-Islam, headed by Azhar, and Jamaat ul-Furqan (JUF).
Had training camps in Afghanistan before the Sept. 11 attacks.
Drew significant following from members of Harakut ul-Mujahedin.
Employs heavy infantry weaponry.1
Narrative and Notes (Possible)Possibly conducts operations with Lashkar-e-Tayyiba.
Suspected of receiving funding from al-Qaeda.1

Sources and Notes

1U.S. State Department. 'Country Reports on Terrorism.'

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