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Islamic Jihad Group of Uzbekistan

Part of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
Center of GravityUzbekistan
Area of OperationGermany
GoalOverthrow secular government of Uzbekistan
StatusDesignated Terrorist Organization1
Alias(es)Islamic Jihad Group1, IJU1, Al-Djihad al-Islami1, Jama'at al-Jihad1, Jamiat al-Jihad al-Islami1, Jamiyat1, The Jamaat Mujahedin1, The Kazakh Jama'at1, The Libyan Society1, Islamic Jihad Union
FormedMarch 2004
Narrative and Notes
ReliableFirst group to use suicide bombers in South Asia.

Has claimed ties to the "global insurgency" -- which may be al-Qaeda.1
PossibleReported splinter group of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Possibly tied to European-based plots in Summer 2007.
1U.S. State Department. 'Country Reports on Terrorism.' 2005.
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