Homeland Security

Hamden Khalif Allah Awad

Dar Es Salaam embassy bombing cell Suicide Bomber


Importance Low1
Means of Death Suicide bomber1
Date of Death Aug. 7, 19981
Location of Death Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania1
Affiliation Dar Es Salaam embassy bombing cell
Role Suicide Bomber1
Affiliation East Africa Embassy Bombers
Affiliation Al-Qaeda
Nationality Egyptian1
Alias(es) Ahmed the German1
Age at Death 28
Date of Birth Aug. 13, 19701
Place of Birth Egypt1
Gender Male
Description Eyes: Blue. Hair: Light Brown. Wore beard and mustache.1
Narrative and Notes (Reliable)
  • Suicide bomber in Dar Es Salaam embassy attack.
  • Sources and Notes

    1 FBI Executive Summary, Status of embassy bombings investigation, Nov. 18, 1998. Posted online by PBS' 'Frontline' program.

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