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Hambali introduces WMD researcher to Zawahiri

Part of Al-Qaeda seeks WMD

Event Details
Primary OrganizationAl-Qaeda
Other OrganizationJemaah Islamiya
LocationKandahar, Afghanistan
Time Early 20012
ParticipantsYazid Sufaat1, Hambali1, Ayman al-Zawahiri1, Mohammed Atef (Organizer) 1
Narrative and Notes
ReliableAtef asked Hambali for a scientist to take over al-Qaeda's biological weapons program. Hambali introduced JI member Yazid Sufaat to al-Zawahiri in Kandahar. Sufaat spent several months trying to cultivate anthrax in a lab near Kandahar's airport.1
1The 9-11 Commission Final Report. July 22, 2004. Chapter 5.1.
2Source not precise to date.
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