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Germans arrest three with alleged al-Qaeda links

Counterterrorism Detention

Event Details
Primary OrganizationIslamic Jihad Group of Uzbekistan
Other OrganizationAl-Qaeda
Location of CaptureOberschledorn, Germany3
Time of Capture Sept. 5, 2007
Narrative and Notes
ReliableTwo of the three detained were German converts to Islam. The third was Turkish. They all trained in Pakistan.

Authorities alleged the three had obtained 1,500 pounds of hydrogen peroxide, a substance that could be used in explosives.

Their targets may have included Frankfurt International Airport and Ramstein Air Force Base.1,2
1Gorman, Siobhan. 'New Turn for Terrorism Seen.' Baltimore Sun: Sept. 7, 2007.
2Haven, Paul. 'Two foiled terror plots linked to al-Qaeda, with roots in Pakistan.' The Associated Press: Sept. 5, 2007.
3Landler, Mark. "German police arrest 3 in terrorist plot." The New York Times: Sept. 5, 2007.
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