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Kahtani flies London-Orlando

Part of 9-11

Event Details
Primary Organization9-11 plotters
Other OrganizationAl-Qaeda
OriginLondon Gatwick Airport, LGW, London, United Kingdom1
DestinationOrlando International Airport, MCO, Orlando, Florida, United States1
TimeApril 4, 20011
MeansVirgin Atlantic Airways1
PresentMuhammad al-Kahtani
Narrative and Notes
ReliableWhen Kahtani arrived, U.S. Customs officer Jose E. Melendez-Perez and his supervisors refused to allow him entry into the United States. He failed to fill out proper entry forms, was arrogant, had no return ticket or contact information and $2,800 in cash.1
PossibleKahtani was believed to have been destined for United Airlines Flight 93, which only had four hijackers instead of five, like the other five flights.1
1Millar, Katherine. "CBP Officer turns back possible security threat." Customs and Border Protection Today: Jan. 2004.
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