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Events related to 3-11 Madrid train bombings

3-11 Madrid train bombingsMarch 11, 2004Madrid, SpainAllekema Lamari (Operational Commander), Serhane ben Abdelmajid Fakhet (Operational Commander), Jamal Ahmidan (Organizer), Mohammed Oulad Akcha, Rachid Oulad Akcha, Abdennabi Koujaa, Asri Rifaat Anouar
3-11 suspects blow themselves up in Madrid0900 local, April 3, 200440 Avenida de Carmen Martin Gaite, Leganes, SpainSerhane ben Abdelmajid Fakhet, Jamal Ahmidan, Abdennabi Koujaa, Asri Rifaat Anouar, Mohammed Oulad Akcha, Rachid Oulad Akcha, Allekema Lamari

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