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Movements of Assad Sarwar

Early Morning Aug. 10, 2006Walton Drive, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United KingdomUK police arrest person in High WycombeAssad Sarwar
Aug. 21, 2006London, United KingdomUK charges 11 in air bombing plotAbdula Ahmed Ali (Charged), Tanvir Hussain (Charged), Umar Islam (Charged), Waheed Arafat Khan (Charged), Assad Sarwar (Charged), Osman Adam Khatib (Charged), Ibrahim Savant (Charged), Waheed Zaman (Charged), Cossor Ali (Charged), Mehran Hussain (Charged), Abdul Muneem Patel (Charged)
CurrentUnited Kingdom(Location of Detention)

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