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Fawaz al-Rabihi

Al-Qaeda Cell Leader


Fawaz al-Rabihi

Means of DeathHostile fire from Yemeni security forces1
Date of DeathOct. 1, 20061
Location of DeathSanaa, Yemen1
RoleCell Leader2
Full Given NameFawaz Yayha al-Rabihi
Alias(es)Furqan2, Forqan Al-Tajiki2, Furqan Al-Tajiki2, Furgan Al-Tajiki2, Furqan The Chechen2, Faris Al-Baraq2, Sa'id2, Musharraf,2, Salem Al-Farhan2, Fawaz Yahya Al-Ribi 2
Alternate Spelling(s)Fawaz al-Rabeei, Fawaz Yahia Hassan Aribii, Fawaz Al-Rubai, Fawaz Yehia Hassan Al-Rabie, Fawaz Yahya Hasan Al-Rabi'i
Rough Age at Death27
Date of Birth19792
Place of BirthSaudi Arabia2
Charging authorityYemen
In connection withLimburg oil tanker attacked
Case statusConvicted1
Case resolved2005
Narrative and Notes
  • The FBI identified him as a cell leader in Yemen plotting in February 2002.
  • He escaped from a Yemeni prison in February 2006, was found and killed by Yemeni security forces during a raid in Sanaa.1,2
    1 'Al-Qaeda fugitive killed in Yemen.' BBC: Oct. 1, 2006.
    2 FBI alert, Feb. 11, 2002.
    Photo: FBI
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