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Failed USS The Sullivans bombing

Disrupted Attack
Part of USS Cole bombing

Event Details
Primary OrganizationAl-Qaeda
LocationAden, Yemen1
Time Jan. 3, 20001
Victim Deaths0
Victim Injuries0
Attacker Deaths0
ParticipantsAbd al-Rahim al-Nashiri (Operational Commander) 1
ParticipantsJamal al Badawi (Facilitator) 1, Fahd al Quso (Facilitator) , Hassan al Khamri, Ibrahim al-Thawar
Narrative and Notes
ReliableA bomb-laden dinghy, with some would-be suicide bombers, launched into the Aden harbor. Its target: the USS The Sullivans, a U.S. Navy destroyer that was refueling in the port.

The boat, overloaded with explosives, sank shortly after it goes into the water.

The plot went undiscovered, and in October 2000, the same attackers successfully struck the USS Cole.1
1United States vs. Jamal al Badawi and Fahd al Quso, indictment, May 15, 2003.
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