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Fahad al Thumairy

King Fahd Mosque Religious Leader

LocationSaudi Arabia
AffiliationKing Fahd Mosque1
RoleReligious Leader1
Alternate Spelling(s)Fahad al-Thumairy
Narrative and Notes
  • Reputed to be a strict Wahabi fundamentalist Muslim with contacts among radical worshippings at the mosque.
  • Held Saudi diplomatic credentials between 1996 and 2003.
  • He lost his position at the mosque at some point, and was barred from re-entering the United States from Saudi Arabia on May 6, 2003, based on the U.S. State Department's determination he could be connected with terrorist activity.
  • Denied extremist ties to the FBI, denied knowing Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi, who attended the mosque in 2000.
  • Also denied knowing Omar al-Bayoumi, although witnesses and telephone records connected them.1
    1 The 9-11 Commission Final Report, July 22, 2004, Chapter 7.1.
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