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Aris Munandar

Jemaah Islamiya Aide

AffiliationJemaah Islamiya1
SupervisorAbu Bakar Bashir1
Date of Birth1965
Place of BirthSambi, Boyolali, Java, Indonesia2
Narrative and Notes
  • Munandar facilitates and provides support to JI activities in Southeast Asia.
  • Munandar is a graduate of Abu Bakar Bashir?s Islamic boarding school, Pondok Ngruki, and a member of Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI), an organization that Bashir helped found and later directed. He is also the head of KOMPAK, a non-governmental organization that produced videos used in the recruitment of JI members.
  • Munandar is considered to be Bashir?s assistant. As such, Munandar provided direct support and assistance to activities authorized by Bashir. On one occasion, Munandar procured explosives at the request of Bashir for use in Ambon. Munandar also facilitated recruitment and training for JI and al-Qaida activities in Indonesia. Munandar, working with al-Qaida operative Omar al-Farouq, is suspected of providing military training for recruits to join sectarian fighting in Sulawesi.1
    1 Press release JS-700, U.S. Department of Treasury, Sept. 5, 2003.
    2 U.S. Frozen Assets list, April 2006.
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