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Ansar al-Sunna

Center of GravityIraq1
GoalDefeat U.S. and allied forces in Iraq and establish Islamic state
LeaderAbu Abdullah al Shafii3
StatusSupported by al-Qaeda
StatusDesignated Terrorist Organization
Core membership500-1,0001
Alias(es)Ansar al-Islam1, Ansar al-Sunnah, Jund al-Islam1, Kurdish Taliban1, Partisans of Islam1, Followers of Islam in Kurdistan1, Helpers of Islam1, Soldiers of God1, Soldiers of Islam1, Jaish Ansar al-Sunna1
Key membersMullah Halgurd Ahmadi, Muhammad Hisham Muhammad
Narrative and Notes
ReliableAnsar al-Sunna, previously Ansar al-Islam, conducts a campaign of bombings, kidnappings and assassinations in Iraq. It is closely allied with al-Qaeda in Iraq but is regarded as somewhat distinct.

Ansar al-Islam, its predecessor, formed in 2001 with Osama bin Laden's help. It was a grouping of Kurdish Islamic militants who had fought the secular Kurdish government in northern Iraq.
PossibleThere is evidence Saddam Hussein supported, or at least tolerated, Ansar al-Islam as a foil to his Kurdish enemies in northern Iraq.2
1U.S. State Department. 'Country Reports on Terrorism' 2005.
2The 9-11 Commission Report, July 22, 2004, Chapter 2.4.
3U.S. Central Command press release. 'Iraqi Government releases 41 Most-Wanted list.' July 3, 2006.
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