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Allekema Lamari

3-11 Madrid train bombers Operations Chief


Means of DeathSuicide explosion
Date of DeathApril 3, 2004
Location of DeathMadrid, Spain
Affiliation3-11 Madrid train bombers
RoleOperations Chief
AffiliationMoroccan Islamic Combatant Group
AffiliationArmed Islamic Group
In connection with3-11 Madrid train bombings
Charged withBelonging to a Terrorist Organization2
Charging authoritySpain
Charges issued1997
Case statusConvicted
Sentence14 years imprisonment; released after 2 years2
Narrative and Notes
  • Among those killed April 3, 2004, in a suicide blast in a Madrid apartment as police closed in on them. His remains were not identified until 2005.
  • Police described him as the emir of the 3-11 operation.
  • He was detained in 1997 and sentenced to 14 years in prison for belonging to the Armed Islamic Group. He was released after serving a two-year sentence.1,2
    1 Press release, Spanish Ministry of Interior.
    2 "Madrid bombing suspects." BBC: March 10, 2005.
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