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Ali Abdulaziz Ali

Al-Qaeda Terrorist Operations Facilitator


Ali Abdulaziz Ali

Location of DetentionU.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba1
Capturing AuthorityPakistani authorities
Date of CaptureApril 29, 2003
Location of CaptureKarachi, Pakistan
RoleTerrorist Operations Facilitator
SupervisorKhalid Shaikh Mohammed
Affiliation9-11 plotters
Alias(es)Ammar al-Baluchi, Mosh2
Alternate Spelling(s)'Ali 'Abd al-'Aziz 'Ali, Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali
Date of Birth19771
Narrative and Notes
  • Nephew and key aide to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. He was a student of his cousin Ramzi Yousef.
  • He assisted Mohammed in 9-11 and other plots before his capture. In August 2001, he sought to join the 9-11 hijackers but was denied a U.S. visa because he appeared to be an economic immigration.
  • He is from the Baluchistan region of Pakistan.
  • On Sept. 6, 2006, the Bush administration said he was one of 14 detainees being transferred from CIA custody in a secret location to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.1,2
    1 'Detainee Biographies,' press release, Director of National Intelligence, Sept. 6, 2006.
    2 The 9-11 Commission Final Report, July 22, 2004, Footnotes.
    Photo: Government exhibit, United States vs. Moussaoui
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