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Al-Qaeda members meet with Shia representatives in Sudan


Event Details
Primary OrganizationAl-Qaeda1
Other OrganizationHezbollah1
SubjectMilitant Sunni-Shia alliance
LocationGuesthouse, Khartoum, Sudan
Time Late 19912
ParticipantsOsama bin Laden1, Sheikh Nomani1, Ahmed Abdel Rahman Hamadabi1, Jamal Ahmed al-Fadl1
Narrative and Notes
ReliableAccording to al-Fadl, Osama bin Laden met with representatives of Shia Islam and possibly the government of Iran and agreed their mutual enemy was western powers.1
1Jamal al-Fadl testimony, United States vs. Osama bin Laden et al, trial transcript, Day 2, Feb. 6, 2001.
2Or 1992. The 9-11 Commission Report, July 22, 2004, ch. 2.4.
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