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Al-Qaeda associates detained

Counterterrorism Detention

Event Details
Primary OrganizationBenevolence International Foundation
Other OrganizationAl-Qaeda
Location of CaptureSan Francisco, California, United States
Time of Capture Dec. 16, 1994
CapturedMohammed Jamal Khalifa1, Abu Rida al Suri1,3
Narrative and Notes
ReliableThey were detained after arriving in the United States from the Philippines in late 1994.
PossibleIt appears neither were held for very long.
1Affadavit of FBI Special Agent Robert Walker, during United States vs. Benevolence International Foundation. (2)
2Affadavit was cited by Steven Emerson and Jonathan Levin before U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, July 31, 2003.
3United States vs. Enaam Arnaout, government filing.
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