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Al-Owhali and Azzam make videotape

Part of East African Embassy Bombings

Primary OrganizationAl-Qaeda
Time June 19981
ParticipantsMohamed Rashed Daoud Al-Owhali1, Azzam1
Narrative and Notes (Reliable)Mohamed al-'Owhali and Azzam filmed a videotape to celebrate their anticipated martyrdom in an upcoming suicide bombing against U.S. interests in East Africa.
They claimed credit in the name of the "Army for the Liberation of Islamic Holy Places" ... which appears to be either a fake name or another name for al-Qaeda.1

Sources and Notes

1United States vs. bin Laden, Atef, El Hage, Fazul Mohammed, Odeh and Al-Owhali, indictment, Nov. 4, 1998.
2Location not specified.

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