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Al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya

Center of GravityEgypt
Area of OperationUnited States, Afghanistan
GoalTo overthrow secular government of Egypt
StatusSupported by al-Qaeda
StatusDesignated Terrorist Organization
Alias(es)Gamaa al Islamiya Masria, Islamic Group, Egyptian Islamic Group, IG1
Former leaderSheikh Omar Abdel Rahman
Key membersRefai Taha Musa
Narrative and Notes (Reliable)Some members have also belonged to al-Qaeda.
Group split over 1997 ceasefire following Luxor massacre, with Egypt-based members renouncing use of violence while members abroad calling for continued warfare.
In 1998, a senior IG member signed Osama bin Laden's fatwah against the United States.
By mid-2000s, Egypt began releasing IG members from prisons with some regularity.
Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman and Refai Taha Musa have called for renewed fighting.2

Sources and Notes

1U.S. government shorthand.
2U.S. State Department. 'Country Reports on Terrorism.' 2005.

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