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Adam Gadahn 2005 video

Public Address

Event Details
Primary OrganizationAl-Qaeda
Issued Sept. 11, 20051
ParticipantsAdam Gadahn (Speaker)
Narrative and Notes
ReliableQuotes in Gadahn's second video message, marking the fourth anniversary of 9-11:

  • These communiques have been released to explain and propound the nature and goals of the worldwide jihad against America and the crusaders and convey our legitimate demands to friend and foe alike, so that the former may join us on this honorable and blessed path, and so that the latter may acknowledge his crimes."

  • "The call has gone out and the era of jihad and resistance has dawned in all its glory. As Sheik Usama has told you repeatedly, your security is dependent on our security."

  • "Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne, Allah willing. And this time, don't count on us demonstrating restraint or compassion."

  • "We love peace, but when the enemy violates that peace or prevents us from achieving it, then we love nothing better than the heat of battle, the echo of explosions, and slitting the throats of the infidels."

  • "When it comes to defending our religion, our freedom, and our brothers in faith, every one of us is Mohammed Atta, every one of us is Jamaal Lindsay, and every one of us is Mohammed Boyeri."1
    1United States vs. Adam Gadahn, indictment, unsealed Oct. 11, 2006.
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