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Abu Obaidah al-Masri

UK-US airline bomb plotters Terrorist Operations Planner

AffiliationUK-US airline bomb plotters1
RoleTerrorist Operations Planner1
Alternate Spelling(s)Abu Obaidah al Masri, Abu Obaidah el Masri, Abu Ubaidah al-Masri, Abu Ubaidah al Masri, Abu Obaidah al-Misri
Narrative and Notes
  • He was reportedly in charge of attacks on U.S. and allied forces in eastern Afghanistan. Pakistani officials have also named him the leader of the 2006 UK-based plot to bomb transatlantic airliners.1,3
  • He was reported possibly killed on Jan. 13, 2006, in a missile strike, but he apparently survived, as officials said he was missed again in the Oct. 30 madrassa strike.3
    1 'US attack killed Al-Qaida leader's kin.' The Associated Press, Feb. 13, 2006.
    2 Presumed from name.
    3 "Official: Al-Zawahri frequented attacked school." The Associated Press: Oct. 31, 2006.
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