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Abu Huzifa

Al-Qaeda Cell Leader


Location of DetentionSaudi Arabia
Capturing AuthoritySudan
Date of CaptureJune 2002
Location of CaptureSudan
RoleCell Leader
Narrative and Notes
  • In mid-May 2002, Saudi security guards found a discarded launch tube of a SA-7 shoulder-fired missile launcher about two miles from a runway used by American military aircraft, prompting a May 22 FBI warning to U.S. domestic police forces relaying concerns that military anti-aircraft missiles will be used against U.S. civilian aircraft.
  • On June 12, 2002, U.S. officials acknowledged that Abu Huzifa, a Sudanese man and suspected al-Qaida cell leader, was captured in Sudan and put in custody of Saudi Arabia. Officials said Abu Huzifa, has acknowledged shooting at an U.S. aircraft at Prince Sultan.
  • The SA-7 turned out to be from the same production batch as those used in a failed attack on an Israeli passenger plane departing Mombasa, Kenya.
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