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Abu Fadhl al-Makkee

Al-Qaeda Financial Chief


Location of DetentionSaudi Arabia
Capturing AuthoritySaudi Arabia
Date of Capture1997
RoleFinancial Chief4
AffiliationAl-Qaeda majlis al shura1
AffiliationTaba Investments3
AffiliationAl-Qaeda Finance Committee4
Full Given NameMadani al Tayyib Abu Fadhl al Makkee
Alias(es)Abu Fadhl al Makkee Madani al Tayyib1, Madani al-Tayyib, Madani Sidi al-Tayyib
Alias(es)Afad Makkee
Alias(es)Madani Tayyib
Alternate TransliterationAbu Fadhl al-Makki
Injuries/IllnessLost part of one leg below the knee during Afghan-Soviet war.3
HistoryVeteran of Afghanistan-Soviet civil war (1980-1989)1
Narrative and Notes
  • Married to a cousin of Osama bin Laden.
  • Shared bank account with Jamal Ahmed al-Fadl at Bank Shmal, Khartoum, Sudan.
  • Directed attempt to purchase uranium in Sudan in late 1993-early 1994.1,2
  • Jamal Ahmed al-Fadl said an Abu Fadhl al Makkee al Tayyab had a bank account at Barclay's Bank, London, United Kingdom. Presumably this is the same person as Abu Fadhl al Makkee.
  • In the mid-1990s he was targeted for assassination by Sudan's National Islamic Front.
  • In 1997, Abu Fadhl al-Makkee was either arrested by the Saudis or broke from al-Qaeda and went to Saudi Arabia. He was supplying information on al-Qaeda to the Saudi government. This may explain why he was targeted for assassination.
  • Reports of his detention sparked worry among al-Qaeda members in Kenya.
  • His information was not shared with western governments, contrary to press reports. In fact, the United States, all the way up to Vice President Al Gore, directly requested access to him from Saudi Arabia. By 2003, it had never been granted.1,2,4
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    2 Jamal Ahmed al-Fadl testimony, United States vs. Osama bin Laden et al, trial transcript, Day 3, Feb. 7, 2001.
    3 Wadih El Hage to U.S. grand jury, Sept. 24, 1997.
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