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Abdullah Azzam assassinated


Primary OrganizationAl-Qaeda
Other OrganizationMaktab al-Khidamat
LocationPeshawar, Pakistan
Time Nov. 24, 1989
Victim Deaths3
ParticipantsAbdullah Azzam (Primary Target)
ParticipantsOsama bin Laden (Operational Commander)
Narrative and Notes (Reliable)Azzam, the ideological founder of al-Qaeda, and his two sons were killed by a remote-detonated car bomb in Peshawar. It is not certain who killed them.
Narrative and Notes (Questionable)Speculation about who killed Azzam includes his deputy, Osama bin Laden, or militant Egyptians who considered Azzam a rival.1

Sources and Notes

1Gunaratna, Rohan. 'Inside al-Qaeda: Global Network of Terror.' Columbia University Press: New York, 2002.

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