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Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah

Al-Qaeda Terrorist Operations Planner

Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah

ImportanceVery High
RoleTerrorist Operations Planner
SupervisorOsama bin Laden
AffiliationEast Africa Embassy Bombers
AffiliationAl-Qaeda Military Committee
Alias(es)Abu Mohamed al-Masri1, Abu Marium1, Saleh1, Abu Mohamed el Masry
Possibly the same asAbu Mohamed el Masry Saad al Sharif
Date of Birth19631
Place of BirthEgypt1
DescriptionHair: Dark. Eyes: Dark. Complexion: Olive. 1
HistoryVeteran of Afghanistan-Soviet civil war (1980-1989)
Charging authorityUnited States
In connection withEast African Embassy Bombings
Narrative and Notes
  • Speaks Arabic.
  • The U.S. State Department is offering a reward of up to $5 million for his capture.
  • Married to a daughter of Sheik Abu Faraj El Masry. Has three daughters, eldest named Marium.1,4
  • May have been a soccer player in Egypt, possibly for a top-tier team called Mahala.
  • According to Jamal al-Fadl, a person named Abu Mohamed el-Masry, possibly Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, provided explosives training at the Jihad Wal camp in Afghanistan 1989.2,3,4
    1 FBI 'Most wanted terrorist' on-line poster.
    2 FBI Executive Summary, Status of embassy bombings investigation, Nov. 18, 1998. Posted online by PBS' 'Frontline' program.
    3 Jamal al-Fadl testimony, United States vs. Osama bin Laden et al, trial transcript, Day 2, Feb. 6, 2001.
    4 L'Houssaine Kherchtou testimony, United States vs. Osama bin Laden et. al., trial transcript, Day 8, Feb. 21, 2001.
    Photo: FBI
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