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AA 77 hijacked

Part of 9-11

Event Details
Primary OrganizationAmerican Airlines Flight 77 Hijackers
LocationAA 77 hijack location, South Webster, Ohio, United States
Start Time0851 local, Sept. 11, 2001
End Time0854 local, Sept. 11, 2001
ParticipantsHani Hanjour, Nawaf al-Hazmi, Khalid al-Mihdhar, Salem al-Hazmi, Majed Moqed
Narrative and Notes
ReliableAccording to reports from passengers and one flight attendant, the hijackers used either knives or box cutters to take over the plane. Unlike the hijackings of American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, there were no reports of Mace or a bomb threat.

The hijackers moved all the passengers to the back of the plane, and Hani Hanjour, the only competent pilot among the hijackers, took control of the plane.

At least one passenger learned of the other hijackings and crashes through a call to her husband.

9:29: The aircraft disengaged autopilot and descended to 7,000 feet. It was approximately 38 miles west of the Pentagon.

9:34: The plane, 5 miles west-southwest of the Pentagon, began a 330-degree turn toward the Pentagon and Downtown Washington. The White House was alerted to the inbound, now flying at 2,900 feet. Hanjour put the throttles on maximum power and dove toward the Pentagon, striking its west side.1
19-11 Commission Report, July 22, 2004. Chapter 1.1.
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